Why take guitar lessons?

Why take guitar lessons? Out of all the stringed instruments, what makes the guitar unique? One reason is that there are a lot of different types of this instrument.  As a basic definition, a guitar is a stringed instrument with six to twelve strings, a fretted fingerboard, and is played by plucking or strumming the strings. The types of the guitar include acoustic, classical, electric, bass, and more. It doesn’t matter what type of guitar you learn to play or want to play. There are so many benefits to taking any kind of music lesson, including guitar.

Some of these lessons include:

  1. It improves your memory and focus
    1. When you learn how to play the guitar you have to remember many things. You have to memorize where to play your fingers on the fingerboard to play a certain note, when and where to pluck the strings and how to properly hold the guitar. You have to move both hands along the neck of the guitar while also strumming the strings. It can seem like a lot at first, but practice and dedication make it so much easier. When you are in your lesson, it is all about focus. When you are practicing as well, being focused on your guitar is very important. Overall, you will start to notice an improvement in your memory and ability to focus.
  2. It  can help release your creativity
    1. Everyone needs a creative outlet to relax and let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can get stressful to come to lessons and make it on time, but the reward is so worth it. Having just thirty minutes of creativity can release stress and be the fun time that everyone deserves. Even though the practice is meant for learning and improving your skills, it also serves as an imaginative space.
  3. It can create opportunities and friendships
    1. Being involved in music can open many doors. Almost all Omaha Metro area middle and high schools offer bands and orchestras. The guitar may not be included in everyone, but it can lead to many opportunities. There are small bands that play gigs all around Omaha and the surrounding areas that need a guitar player. When you go to your lessons every week, you get to know your teacher and the students that come around the same time as you.  Even just sitting in the OSMD lobby can help you create friendships that last a lifetime.

If you are interested in signing up for guitar lessons here at Omaha School of Music and dance, there are a few ways you can get registered. You can give us a call at (402) 515-9639, visit us in person we are located off of 144th and Dodge, or visit our website at OSMD.

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