What Do Drum Lessons Entail?

Drums are a vital part of a band; drummers create the heartbeat of a song and the band itself. It takes a lot of rhythm and skill to be able to play the drums. I remember during my beginning times in the band, I tried out to play the drums originally and realized they are a lot more complicated than they might look. It might appear like you are just hitting something with a stick to create music but in reality, you have to use your whole body to keep the rhythm going.

When it comes to practicing the drums, you can use a big drum set, a singular snare drum, your lap, you can use headphones, and you can also drum on a table with pencils. Fun fact, sheet music created for drums actually does not have treble clefs because they do not have a pitch. Another fun fact is, Drums can be quite fun and easy for younger kids because they’re more open to learning and it’s mainly about striking, and rhythm, which can make it fun for younger kids to learn by using one of their favorite songs.

As you might know, drums are percussion instruments and a little fun fact about percussion instruments is that the definition is “percussion is instruments that make music through striking,” which is why the piano is a percussion instrument instead of a string instrument. Percussion is really vital to a band as a whole, especially the drums because they are like the metronome for everyone to follow and to help the band during songs.

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