Tumbling: An Introduction to MORE Than Gymnastics

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Many parents may think that tumbling is just a fun extra-curricular activity for their children. Tumbling can be so much more than that and they do not even realize it. There are so many cognitive benefits to the sport. When they are practicing tumbling not only are they exercising their body, but their brain as well. Not only is it good for strengthening the mind and body, but it is also fun! It allows kids to expel their energy in a productive and expressive way. Tumbling is good for children of all ages. Starting young gives your child an advantage with motor development and physical abilities. It is providing a warm environment for kids to learn how to listen, take turns, and interact with other kids their age. Group activities like this is an easy place to make friends and share a bond with other children with similar interests.

Living a healthy lifestyle is super important to teach kids early on. Once it is implemented in everyday life it is easy to keep carrying on that way. Tumbling makes exercise fun. Prioritizing health and fitness from the very beginning can help form good habits in the future. If children start working on their fitness while they are younger they will be more likely to join more classes and keep working out.

In life it pretty rare to ace things on the first try. The same thing goes with tumbling. Most skills a student will learn will take practice and multiple tries to get them right. A class like this encourages kids to always get up and try again. With hard work and determination, they can always reach their goals. Tumbling can also teach even a young child discipline. Knowing to work hard even when no one is looking is a great asset to any kid’s character.

Enrolling in tumbling is a great way to help your child face his or her fears. It is often scary to do something you have never done before. A tumbling lesson can help you work with them through their fears. It encourages them to try new things in the studio and day to day life. Being encouraged to conquer fears at a young age can only continue to benefit children. The fundamentals you learn in tumbling like agility, quick movement, and coordination are things you can take with you everywhere in the future no matter what class or sport your child continues to do.

Many people would think the main benefit their child would get from enrolling in tumbling is learning how to do a cartwheel or forward roll. Well, that is definitely something your child can learn, but here is so much more you will be exposing them too. Tumbling can help your child develop better coordination and body awareness. When kids are proud of their bodies and themselves they acquire much better self-esteem and self-awareness. With all the hard work the children will be putting into their tumbling they are sure to be gaining a ton on confidence. Confidence is something else they will gain in any of our tumbling classes at Omaha School of Music and Dance. It is a great introduction to gymnastics if that something they are interested in. Tumbling can also be a great starter class to get them into many of the different dance classes offered.

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