Tap Dancing for Kids

While all styles of dance are beneficial, tap dancing presents some very unique advantages for children. Not only does tapping provide excellent exercise for little ones, it also teaches them a plethora of control and precision skills. Here are a couple of reasons why tap is so awesome for kids!


  1. Tap is based off of the beats in music. Dances like ballet and lyrical are very slow and tend to flow around the music. Tap attacks the beat of a song head on. It adds new beats to songs while still playing with the original cadence. This is beneficial for children because it could serve as an aid when learning an instrument. It will strengthen their awareness of rhythm and help with in other genres of dance as well.
  2. Tap dancing is a fast-paced high-energy activity that is great for physical exercise. The quick footwork is great to build flexibility and muscle memory movements that will last your child a lifetime! The movement will also strengthen hips, knees, and ankles. If your child needs more physical activity, tap dancing will improve cardiovascular health and can also burn off lots of calories. Even if your child is active, tap dancing will be a great resource to let excess energy out.
  3. Knowing how to tap dance will come in handy if your child ends up auditioning for dance teams or musicals. It will set your child apart because it is a specialty dance. Lots of shows call for tap dancers specifically for certain parts, so being trained in tap dance can definitely give you a leg up in the professional dancing world.
  4. The sounds of taps are an awesome way for a child to be aware of the sound they are making. They can actually hear their movements with the music and work together in class to syncopate their steps with other kids in the class. This is extremely beneficial for social development because it teaches the child the importance of teamwork.
  5. IT IS FUN! Who wouldn’t love making sounds with their feet as they dance along to upbeat music? Tap dancing is a great way for kids to work together and create sounds together! No matter what, tap is always exciting and innovative. You can even add taps to your clothes and hands for added beats and movement! The fun never stops in tap class!


If you would like your child to take tap dancing lessons, check out our website for more information! https://www.omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/tap-dance-classes-for-kids-ages-6-9/

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