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Music lessons for any instrument are a great choice for people of all ages. There are so many options for instruments that you can choose to play. Although the piano is a very popular and fun choice for music, other instruments like the violin can be a great choice. The violin is a beautiful instrument to listen to and it can be a wonderful gift to be able to play both for children and adults.

Why Violin Lessons for Children

There are multiple benefits to choosing violin lessons for your child. Here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance, we have several teachers who lead private violin lessons. You can take the time to find the teacher that works best for you, your child, and your schedule. Lessons can be set up over the phone by calling 402-515-9639. Choosing to have your child in violin lessons is beneficial both physically and mentally. It allows your child the chance to improve their cognitive skills. They can focus on their memory each week as they learn new music. This is not only beneficial while playing music, but it can also help their memory in other environments such as school. Violin lessons also allow your child the chance to be creative with how and what they play. Our teachers are here to guide their students and help them improve their skills every week.

Why Violin Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to take up a new skill in your daily life and what better skill than learning a new instrument. Just like with children, violin lessons will also give you the chance to work on cognitive skills such as memory, focus, and creativity. As adults, it can be difficult to find time for yourself among the other responsibilities on your plate. Practicing the violin can give you that alone time to practice what you’re playing and enjoy that time. Then, you’re able to bring that practice into lessons with your teacher. Our studio is conveniently located off 144th and Dodge making it easy to come for classes. Your skills will improve week by week with your instructor and you’ll develop a new fascination for what you’ve learned.

Omaha School of Music and Dance also gives students that chance to perform what they’ve been learning in lessons. Each year we host a recital for all our musicians and that is your time to shine on the stage! Feel free to give us a call with any questions and to discuss choices for violin lessons for you or your children. Register Online today!

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