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Since we’ve all been cooped up in our homes, boredom seems to be our new normal. If you or your kids need to release some of your pent-up energy or just want to try something new, we are currently registering students for virtual voice lessons! As of May 18th, OSMD has been open for private music lessons (and YES, this includes voice)! We’ve been taking many precautions to keep our families, teachers, and staff safe while in our building, but for the comfort of our families, we will be offering our virtual voice lessons throughout the month of June! Virtual voice lessons can be accessed via Skype or Zoom, whichever works best for you!

How voice lessons can help you grow:

There are many great benefits to taking voice lessons with us! If you want to become a better singer, learn some new songs and different singing styles, then voice lessons are just right for you! There are also many other positive benefits you can get from taking voice lessons, including:

Improved Self-Confidence

When you take voice lessons you have to be confident enough to sing in front of not only your teacher, but also in front of other people during recitals and when you want to practice. By doing this, it improves your confidence in yourself and your abilities!

Getting Involved!

Our virtual voice lessons are the perfect gateway to school and church clubs like show choir and choir. They can give you the confidence and edge you need for auditions and flawless performances on stage!

We would love to help you gain the courage and experience you desire with our virtual voice lessons, give us a call today!

How do I get signed up?! 

Give us a call at (402) 515-9639
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Drop by our convenient location at
14505 California Street, right off of 144th & Dodge! Open Google Maps

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