How Musical Theater Increases Self-Confidence

Musical theater is a form of theater that uses music, songs, dance and spoken dialogue. The combination of singing, dancing and acting is one of the wonderful ways a person can build self-confidence, especially by increasing self-acceptance, overcoming fear, and learning to appreciate one’s work.

Increasing Self-Acceptance

When a person participates in musical theater, he or she individually contributes to the production. Every person has a part to play and each person works alongside other towards a common goal. When students are working towards a common goal, they appreciate that their “voice” and interests are heard and understood by others. This joint effort creates a sense of secure acceptance and will increase self-confidence overall.

Overcoming Fear

 Fear is one of the major blocks to self-confidence. Fear of making mistakes, fear of looking like a fool, fear of facing a crowd, fear of being judged, not being good enough and not being accepted are all examples. Whatever fears we have, facing it head on is the greatest thing we can do to build our self-confidence.

Musical theater is a great way to face fears in a safe and comfortable environment. The teachers at the Omaha School of Music and Dance welcome everyone and encourage all to face their fears!

 Learning to Appreciate One’s Work

When someone puts his/her heart and soul into an art project—and spends hours working on it, cultivating it, and making it beautiful— he or she will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment when it’s complete.

Dory Kanter, an educational consultant and arts/literacy curriculum writer and teaching trainer, has said, “The arts are a great leveler, as we are all in the same boat, learning to create and succeed in new and unexpected ways. Children not only become appreciators of each other’s work, but also develop skills of self-reflection in the effort to bring their personal vision to fruition.”

Self-reflection and learning to appreciate accomplishment will help increase self-confidence overall!

Increasing the self-confidence of students is one of the top priorities of the Omaha School of Music and Dance. Furthermore, the musical theater teachers create a safe learning environment that allows for self-acceptance, overcoming fear, and learning to appreciate one’s work.


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