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If you’ve ever watched a football or basketball game you’ve probably seen cheerleaders on the sidelines with pom-poms in hand. The colorful and sparkly pieces add that additional flair to any routine. Whether it’s dancing or cheering, pom can be a class that anyone can take for fun and for a base on learning routines. Not only will your child feel like a cheerleader for themself, but they can cheer on other students in the class at the same time. The Omaha School of Music and Dance is a great place to start learning the fundamentals and what better way than with a pom class!

Currently, our studio has one pom class which is named Pom 1. This class is typically for students that are between the ages of 7 and 9. It runs for 40 minutes each week and incorporates jazz with pom poms. Unlike cheerleading, Pom 1 does not incorporate stunting or yelling as cheerleaders do. However, it still includes the pom poms with different jazz routines. Pom 1 also includes skills that can be learned in our acro classes like jumps, kicks, and turns! Of course, building up strength and flexibility is very important for Pom which is why it is also incorporated into the class. If your child loves learning leaps and dances while using pom-poms this class may be perfect for them! You can also look into one of our acro classes to help build onto your skills with the pom class!

Not only is it great that students are given the chance to learn such fun skills, but they are also able to show them off at our annual recital! This recital is a large showcase where students can perform a fun routine and let their confidence shine through! Our studio is located right off 144th and Dodge so if you’re interested in classes, feel free to come to take a look at our studio! You can also check out more about Acro Classes here. If you have any questions about classes give us a call at 402-515-9639. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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