Piano Lessons – Can Playing Piano Make You Smarter?

As we all know, playing the piano, or any instrument comes with many benefits. It can help you improve your musical talent and knowledge, it will help you in your social life by getting you involved, providing different opportunities, and connecting with others who play the same instrument, plus so many more positive effects of playing an instrument, like the piano. But can the piano really make you smarter?

The simple answer is yes, taking piano lessons does make you smarter and improve brain functions. Playing the piano works out parts of the brain that are useful in subjects like math and science, spatial intelligence, and other cognitive functions. Because playing the piano requires you to use both hands at the same time playing different scales and keys, it also improves your hand-eye coordination, this, in turn, improves your performance in sports like tennis or baseball and even at school in gym class.

Taking a weekly piano lesson uses both sides of your brain. The left brain, which is responsible for logic, reasoning and understanding math and science, controls the right side of your body, and the right brain, which is responsible for activities that include the arts and that brings out your creative side, controls the left side of the body. Playing the piano requires both sides of your brain to work at the same time, which exercises them and makes them stronger. Giving both sides of your brain a nice workout has many benefits of its own including, improved memory, better attention span, increased concentration, improved hearing and understanding of auditory signals, and the obvious positive effects like improvement in logic related subjects and becoming more creative and imaginative. Playing the piano provides all of these benefits.

Scientific studies and research show that playing musical instruments, like the piano, can even have a positive impact on your IQ. Studies that have been done throughout the years show that after about a year of weekly piano lessons and practicing, on average, children’s IQ went up about 4.3 points. There is scientific proof that playing the piano can actually make you smarter. Improving your IQ also comes with many benefits within itself, including a better performance at school in all subjects ranging from science and math, to subjects like history, reading comprehension and language arts.

So, taking piano lessons and mastering how to play the instrument, can make you smarter. By exercising the left and right side of your brain, improving important and useful skills used in academics and even upping your IQ points by a few, taking playing the piano can truly make you smarter and also has many other benefits that can improve your life.

Other benefits of taking piano lessons include:

  • Provide opportunities all around Omaha
    • Playing the piano can get you involved in your school’s music programs and even school productions like musicals or choir performances. Middle and high schools all around Omaha have music classes and opportunities that you can get involved in. There are also bands that play small venues all around the Omaha area that could use some piano or keyboard players!
  • Improvement of time management
  • Improve organizational skills
  • Improves your patience and discipline
  • Strengthen hand muscles and improves muscle memory
  • Provides a better understanding of rhythm and beat
  • Provides a great knowledge of music
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Expands your cultural knowledge
    • By taking piano lessons, you are exposed to many different kinds of music and instruments played by people around the world. This opens your mind and expands your horizons about music and improves your knowledge of the musical world in general.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides an outlet for your creativity
  • Provides a good source of entertainment
  • Allows for a kinesthetic approach to learning
    • Instead of sitting in a chair and listening to a lecture as most people do in school or the workplace all day, playing the piano provides a way for you to get your hands moving in a productive and creative way.

Learning how to play the piano comes with many benefits that will improve your life, but most importantly, taking piano lessons does make you smarter in one way or another. Playing the piano improves your scholastic performance in all subjects, but especially science and math.  It also improves your brain function in both sides of the brain and can even boost your IQ by a few points over time. Better hand-eye coordination, longer attention span, and improved memory are also more ways of playing the piano to make you smarter.

If you are interested in taking piano lessons, all of our teachers here at Omaha School of Music and Dance are eager to teach you! You can sign up on our website OSMD, give us a call at (402) 515-9639, or visit us in person, we are located at 14505 California St. Omaha NE, 68154.


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