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Whether you are in love with the world of classical music or any music genre in general, piano lessons are a great way to jump-start your musical instrument journey.  The piano can be used in any song – let our trained professionals help you learn any and all techniques that could create an amazing new pianist.  In this blog, you will be given helpful tips on how we can help you grow as a pianist as well as the benefits of taking classes with a professional music instructor.

Two beneficial reasons to become a pianist

  • Improves Hand-eye coordination – If you think about how a pianist sits at the bench while playing the piano, you can get an understanding of why learning to play the piano can help improve your hand-eye coordination. Your instructor is a trained professional and will go into the exact reasons why hand-eye coordination is important as well as the benefits it will bring to you as you grow as a musician.  Learning certain techniques to help you read and play at the same time as you play at different speeds will help build confidence in your piano playing abilities.
  • Positive Outlet for Mental Health – the keys on the piano have such a soothing and comforting sound. The average piano has 88 keys – if you can bring yourself to familiarize your hands with this number of keys, you’ll have a wide variety of pitches to work with and it can boost your mental health by listening to the sounds that resonate with your current mental state.  If you are a music lover and use music as your calm – exploring the piano at OSMD will be the best fit for you.

Perks of having a Professional Instructor

  • Organized Curriculum – our amazing instructors will plan and implement a curriculum that is tailored to your wants and needs. The instructor will make sure that you are getting every piece of information that you will need to succeed.  This also helps because they are used to a structured piano class as they have been certified through a professional course.
  • Comfortable Environment – as previously stated, your instructor has also gone through professional piano training. At OSMD we are not here to judge – but to help you feel 100% comfortable in your lesson.  We want you to be an amazing pianist and we want you to succeed in every way.


We look forward to joining the OSMD family!  If we are the perfect fit for you or a loved one, please reach out to us Monday-Saturday by calling at 402-515-9639.  You can also stop by the school: 14505 California Street 68154!  We also give you the option of doing online registration.


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