Spend Your Summer with the Omaha School of Music and Dance

Spend Your Summer with the Omaha School of Music and Dance

Molly Scott

Come back for the school year, not only ready for band, orchestra, or choir, but improved! Enjoy the arts and culture that Omaha has to offer: inspiration will abound! Keep taking with your favorite teachers during the summer. Summer has the potential to be a very useful time to take lessons. Without the pressure of homework and worry of school projects, there is more time at home to practice with improved focus.

If your family is planning to be away for vacation, coordinate with your instructor to make the most of LessonMate. This is our video-lesson service used by our teachers to give pointers and share information with students, most often when the student is absent. Planning LessonMates with the teachers can mean more detailed information and pertinent advice to assignments. Stay in shape by taking our dance classes throughout the summer. Unlike other dance studios, which only offer a few weeks of classes during the summer, our summer session runs every week from mid-June to the end of August. You can make-up lessons missed from vacation by attending alternative times throughout the week, keeping up your dance skills and physical fitness. OSMD offers dance classes for children, teens, and adults. Dance styles offered at the studio include ballet, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical. Register online, by phone, or in person to start classes June 19th.

The Omaha School of Music and Dance is also happy to introduce the Moana Dance Camp! We encourage you to sign your child up today, as spots are filling up quick. A day camp from July 10th through the 13th, children will explore a variety of dance styles ranging from ballet to hip-hop, and partake in Moana-themed activities. Children ages 3-6, attend in the morning session and 7-12 year olds the afternoon session. You can rest easy knowing your child is making new friends over their favorite movie, with craft-time and snacks provided. At the end of the camp, parents are invited to join the audience for a performance of all that was learned.

The summer can be a quiet time, but with the variety of classes and lessons on offer, the Omaha School of Music and Dance is sure to be busy. Join us and make the most of your summer!

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