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At Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer a ton of different music classes, from adult lessons all the way down to toddler classes. One of our favorite classes we have is called Music Fun Time! This interactive and enriching weekly lesson is a great way to introduce your kiddo to the world of music. Toddlers 18 months-5 years old will learn all about music notes and different instruments in this class! From there, the kiddos will transition up to our Intro to Piano group lessons, which starts out with the beginner basics. For young children eager to explore the new possibilities of the piano or music in general this is a perfect class.

For adults looking to pick up a new skill or brush up on an old one, Omaha School of Music and Dance has something for you! Adult lessons allow you to pick an instrument and start on an exciting journey with your instructor picked to match your personality. Our instructors give amazing, professional lessons just for you. Not only do they teach good practice habits for music, but they also teach discipline for life. Instructors each have a professional background in music whether it’s schooling or teaching, and soon you could be a professional too!

Omaha School of Music and Dance also has an amazing vocal and acting program with university-trained performers to help teach the class and give the students an opportunity to improve their singing and acting skills. Singing is a very important part of music since it gives students better endurance and confidence in themselves. Learning to perform in front of others is a lifelong accomplishment that will aid your little performer in hundreds of different activities from sports to speeches. Additionally, teaching your child the value of commitment can never start too young! Music lessons can teach persistence and endurance that can translate into overcoming any obstacle that might be encountered in the future.

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