Boys in Ballet

Ballet is most commonly known for the pink shoes and the tutus, so it is no surprise that many boys do not want to participate. Most boys do not even think they can be a part of ballet because of the “girly” aspects of it. But that is just not true, at all. Ballet is very inclusive, and in fact, the more the boys that are a part of it, the better! If you are a boy or have a boy, that really wants to work on getting stronger or doing something creative that stimulates the muscles and the mind, then look no further and join ballet!

The biggest issue with most boys who join ballet is that there is the stereotype that it is a girl’s sport. Go ahead and just erase that from your mind. Ballet is a style of dance that benefits all genders. It is important to remember that ballet is a sport, just like baseball or football. It requires dedication and commitment. It is both mentally and physically demanding and stimulating. Ballet works muscles in the body that you probably did not know that you have. By joining ballet, you will develop better strength, balance, and discipline.

By joining ballet at a young age, boys will be able to grow stronger immediately. Regardless of what they plan on doing for their life, gaining strength at a young age is so beneficial for every aspect of their life. Obviously, that goes for girls as well, but today we are focusing on boys (but know that everything girls do, boys can do, and everything boys do, girls can do!)

If there is a boy in your life that really wants to explore the world of ballet but is still apprehensive about it, here are some few tricks to get them to feel more open and interested in it! First and foremost, expose them to the world of ballet. There are movies out there that focus on kids in ballet, and one of the most famous ones is Billy Elliot. It’s a story of a young boy who dreams of ballet dancing and overcomes the obstacles that stand in his way. It is very inspirational, give it a watch. Also, if the boy is a bit older, introduce them to the cinematic classic that is Center Stage. (My personal favorite dance movie!) It does deal with more adult issues in the dance world, but it really does focus on male dancers and it shows you just how cool it is to be a boy in the world of dance!

Another way to get them on board to join ballet is to show them that most professional athletes practice ballet! There are YouTube videos of teams doing bar exercises together. It is a great way to improve your flexibility and make you more agile, which helps athletes on the field. If they are more agile and flexible, they are less likely to get injured!

Also, show them about male ballet dancers! There are plenty of them out there! Some have even gone on to work in movies or dance competition shows. One even married Natalie Portman, so how cool is that? There is a dancer named Carlos Acosta, one of the most notable male ballet dancers out there. He has danced all over the world and all over America. He started off as a poor boy in Cuba, and his father feared that he was going to live a troubled life so his dad enrolled him in ballet classes and LOOK AT HIM NOW! He has been a part of the English National Ballet, the National Ballet of Cuba, the Houston Ballet, and the American Ballet of Theater! He is also set to become the next artistic director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

There are so many perks to boys doing ballet. It is not just a girl’s sport, it is for everyone, of every gender and every age! Here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance, we do not discriminate. We encourage all boys who want to learn how to dance to do it! Come sign up today and we can get you started on your ballet path as soon as possible!

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