How to go from campfire guitarist to rock star!

When trying to pick an instrument to play, for your kid or for yourself, you want to think about what kind of music moves you. Most commonly, guitar is picked because it requires many skills that can be easily mimicked in real life. Learning how to play guitar can tune your basic motor skills into superior skills with a bunch or practice and plenty of patience! With the determination to learn something successfully, you can turn yourself into a rock star in no time!

Guitar is a petty complex instrument, but it’s well worth the time it takes to learn it. Many people agree that learning guitar at a younger age can help improve a child’s learning immensely. Many guitars require long fingers to reach certain chords, so children usually learn to start how to play around the ages of 8-10. Obviously, learning at a younger age is totally fine. Some guitars come with half size necks to adjust to the smaller, younger hands, but it’s up to the student and the parents to make that decision.

Learning basic music theory first is probably the best option. To learn how to play all the notes and chords and all that musical code stuff, it will improve the student’s understanding of how to play when first learning the instrument. Musicians that know how to read music when they first start lessons are totally in the lead, not that any learning in a race, but it really does make certain parts easier.

Basic guitar fundamentals requires dexterity that will improve basic motor skills and increase hand strength. It also requires plenty of patience and practice. As they say, practice makes perfect and that totally applies to this! If you want to be a rock star, you have to be willing to practice like a rock star. Patience is also required, as it takes time to learn all the chords and where the fingers go and how to keep time, all that jazz. If you keep up with your practice, you will become a rock star in no time! It also helps to turn practice time into a fun activity, maybe turn it into a game or something. Find ways to make it fun, however that may be!

To learn how to play any instrument but mainly guitar, you have got to maintain focus throughout. It takes a lot of skill to absorb all the information thrown at you from teachers and books, so it’s important to keep your mind on the prize! Many rock stars will agree that maintaining focus is key to reach your goal!

Classes in guitar can range from beginner, from learning the basic fundamentals and how to hold the instrument to learning how to read chords and what not, to intermediate which is totally rock star level! It’s best to gauge your progress so you know when to move up in classes. It’s clear that if you’ve never played before, you would start as a beginner, but if you have dabbled before (say, in front of a campfire) you may be able to start at a higher level. It’s best to have a conversation with your teacher beforehand to gauge where to start.

Parents with kids who are interested in playing the guitar, do not fear the never-ending sound of guitar practicing, your kid is learning how to support you with rock star money in the future! 😉 The best way to get a kid to stay focused and stay interested is by supporting them wholeheartedly! Ways to help them stay engaged would be by playing guitar with them! Children are impressionable, as we all know, and watching a positive role model help them and want them to succeed is very helpful. Another way to encourage the music bug is to leave a guitar out for them to play with whenever they feel like it. Seeing it around will inspire them and help them stay focused! Another classic way to keep your kid motivated is by giving positive feedback! Positive feedback goes a long way as we all know. They will thrive off compliments, even if they do not sound like a rock star yet, remember it takes patience and part of the process of learning is stumbling. Help them get through the tough patches by positive encouragement to help them move up their mountain of learning a complex instrument such as the guitar. Another great way to help them is to point out the guitar in songs they like. It will give them the inspiration to learn how to play certain songs and how to learn the special skills it takes to learn that song.

All kids and adults can do whatever they put their minds to. With practice, patience, focus, and dexterity you can easily become the rock star you’ve always dreamed of being! Let us know if you want to start any classes as we have plenty of rock star level teachers ready to teach the future rock stars of our generation! Register Today.

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