How Music Fun Time Can Change Your Life

In this article we will explore the benefits of music fun time for a younger group of children. Usually students are between the ages of 18 months and five years old. Some of the most formative years for anyone. Music fun time will provide a plethora of advantages. From the effects on the brain, to gaining patience, to providing a creative outlet.

With a group so young the teachers are specialized to help the students progress in a way that is for that particular group.

The format of the music fun time class in Omaha at Omaha School of Music and Dance is a theory based program teaching all students to read music while being exposed to multiple percussion and string instruments.

The primary goal is to get students ready for private music lessons as soon as possible while at their own pace. We accomplish this by have the program being structured in a comprehensive and progressive way. That allows a small group to advance in slow down curriculum to serve each students’ needs.

Mental Development

In recent years, there has been considerable amount of research on the effect of music on brain development and thinking. Neurological research has found that the higher the brain functions of abstract reasoning as well as spatial and temporal conceptualization are enhanced by music activities. Activities with music generate the neural connections necessary for using important math skills.

Music FunTime is an innovative, structured,and progressive curriculum derived from Johns-Hopkins Research exploring the magical connection between math & science through music for children newborn thru 7 years of age. Children learn to read music notation, rhythms and symbols, and play the instruments of their choosing.
Based off this research the child gets enhanced with social and emotional, language and literacy, cognitive, and physical skills in ways that a normal class would not be able to give.

Gaining Patience

One of the reasons parent sign their kids up for certain activities is to help them gain important life skills such as perseverance and patience. In Omaha this tends to come from getting involved in sports. Luckily music is less physically demanding opportunity. Allowing kids to gain the same skills.
If you have ever observed a choral band playing, then the one thing you notice is how patient each member is. This is the same way it is when your kids are playing with others in a group; they learn the virtues of patience and how it affects others. They also learn how to work together with others while making something as beautiful as music.

Creative Outlet

Even as adults we look for creative outlets to not only have fun but to release all of the pent up frustrations. Some times that comes from exercise, social events, or shopping. For kids it can be easier to find that outlet but music fun time at Omaha school of Music and Dance gives a much more personalized and unique form of expression. That children as young as 18 months do not miss out on a wonderful experience.

What better way for your kids to express themselves than through music. Skills such as songwriting, singing and stage performance will help your children develop social skills which will in turn helps them express themselves.

Parents are always amazed how their children develop these skills so quickly. As they continue to have a growing appetite and appreciation for various types of music and musical instruments. You and your child will look forward to continuing the journey of discovery and learning through Music Fun time.

If the Omaha School of Music and Dance sounds like a great fit for your lyrical dance endeavors, we would love to see you in class! For more information, you can contact us with any questions you may have or call our office at 402-515-9639. We pride ourselves on having a front office staff available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing you in music fun time.

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