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Your child could be the next Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, or Carlos Santana! Sign them up for guitar classes today and get them on the road to stardom!


Our most popular music is centered around the guitar. As such, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn! Many kids are eager to play the guitar as they want to be just like their favorite musicians. But when is your child ready to learn to play the guitar? Is it as “easy” as it looks to play the guitar? How can I help my child be successful?

Let’s discuss each of these questions below!


 When is your child ready to learn to play the guitar?

Parents of young children often ask if their child is ready to begin taking guitar lessons. The answer to this question is largely dependent on the child. Here are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind before signing up your kid for guitar lessons:

Playing Guitar Requires Dexterity

The biggest physical hurdle young kids generally need to overcome when learning guitar is their lack of fine motor skills and hand strength. Switching chords on guitar needs nimble fingers, and many kids don’t develop the required level of dexterity until they are eight or nine. However, of less importance is overall hand size – there are many 1/2-size guitars available that should feel comfortable for even the smallest hands.

Improving on Guitar Requires Patience and Practice

If your child is enrolled in guitar lessons, they’ll invariably be provided with practice homework – chords, scales and songs to memorize and practice. If not worked on routinely, kids will fall behind, and frustrate both their guitar teacher and themselves. It is important that your child is able to provide the correct attention to learning and practice.

Is it as “easy” as it looks to play the guitar?

 Playing the guitar is a popular first instrument. But don’t let that confuse your child! It will still require dedication, practice, and patience. However, teachers at the Omaha School of Music and Dance will make it as easy as possible for your child to be successful!

How can I help my child be successful?

The Omaha School of Music and Dance wants your child to be successful! Here a few ideas that might help you keep your child on the path to success!

Hold your child accountable.

 One of the most important aspects of learning to play an instrument is practice! Our first tip for success is to make sure you are holding your child accountable to their practice each week. Make a schedule for your student and reward them for sticking to it! Prizes are also great sources of motivation.


Kids love to be told that they are good at something. Even if practice time sounds like a choir of dying cats, make sure your kid knows that you love it when they play. If you keep encouraging them, it won’t sound bad forever!

Expose them to great music and popular guitarists

 While playing is the craft, music is the inspiration. Children take on the musical tastes of their parents, especially at younger ages. If the only sound coming through the speakers is talk radio, your child won’t fall in love with music. Make a playlist of the songs your son or daughter is working on and listen to them in the car or at home! It’s much easier to learn a song if you are familiar with it, and a child is more likely to stay motivated if they are constantly listening to music they aspire to play. You can also show your child popular guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, or Carlos Santana!

The Omaha School of Music and Dance wants your child to become a star guitarist! Please check out our available guitar classes at

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