Guitar Lessons; Where to Start?

Have you ever wanted to learn guitar but didn’t know where to start? At Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer a variety of music and dance classes that are sure to fit your student’s needs and desires. One of the many classes we offer is group and private guitar lessons. In our group classes, your student will learn about the fundamentals of the guitar from identifying the parts of the guitar from the head to frets to the soundhole and bridge. The teacher goes in-depth about how to use a tuner and turn the pegs to get the guitar ready to go.

Guitar Lessons at OSMD

Some essential items your student or yourself might need are:

-A guitar tuner (a tuner app on your phone works great!)
-A capo (a device that raises the pitch of the instrument when placed on the frets)
-guitar picks (we recommend plastic picks with medium thickness. There is a lot of flexibility with these kind for beginners)
-A guitar strap (used more if playing standing up. Padding is useful to reduce neck and shoulder discomfort)
-A small practice amp and cable if you are playing electric guitar

Learning guitar, like any musical instrument, requires discipline and patience. So remember that if you are not quite understanding the chords or fingerings yet, that is ok! It takes time to learn something new. Just take your time and know that it is ok to struggle at first and practice will make it easier. There are 35 muscles in your body that control your fingers so proper stretching before helps keep your hands and fingers from being sore after long practice sessions.

Our teachers are knowledgeable in the proper techniques needed for strumming and picking and learning music. Your student may learn some music theory in their lessons where they will learn how to read music and tablature notation for guitar. The students will also learn rhythm and have an opportunity to perform in a music recital in the summer. And you can choose between group guitar classes to 30 min, 45 min, and hour private lessons.

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