Get Your Singing and Dancing on this Summer!

This summer is coming up fast and what better way to spend four days, or more, of it, singing and dancing to some of your favorite Disney songs and songs from some well known and loved musicals?  During the summer here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we have multiple dance and musical theater camps available for all students!

Disney Dance Camp

The Disney Dance Camp is all about dancing along to some of your favorite Disney tunes from all Disney princess movies, like Moana, to Disney’s Marvel movies and Descendents! Students who go to this camp will learn some fun choreography and meet lots of new friends who enjoy all of the same Disney movies as they do!

We have multiple options for the dates and ages. For students between three and six, the Disney Dance Camp is from July 6th to July 9th and for students between the ages of seven and 12, the dates are July 13th through July 16th!

Musical Theater Workshop

For those students who love Broadway, the Musical Theater WOrkshop is a perfect way to sing their favorite songs, learn some choreography, stage stunts, and even create and read from a script! Broadway favorites that the musical Theater workshop will be focusing on include, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and High School Musical! All students ages six and up are invited to this broadway musical filled workshop!

The dates for the Musical Theater Workshop are July 27th through the 30th and that includes all ages six and up!

Why you should register!

The summer can get pretty busy with traveling and other activities, but adding either of these awesome camps to your schedule will be well worth it! The Musical Theater Workshop gives you a little hint of what our Musical Theater classes at OSMD are all about and if you love the workshop, you will love the classes! The Disney Dance Camp is a great way to get out any extra energy that has been bottled up during the summer and learn some cool new dance moves!

During each day of the camp, there will be snacks provided, they will get a cool t-shirt and on the last day, the students will put on a performance showcasing everything they learned!

If you want to get registered, you can give us a call at (402) 915-9639, visit us in person, we are located right off of 144th and Dodge at 14505 California St., or visit our website to learn more and register online OSMD!


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