Feel the Beat with Drum Lessons!

When you listen to music, can you feel it in your bones? Does your body groove to the rhythm of the song? Do you pick out the drums right away?

Do you find yourself tapping away when you get something stuck in your head? Then chances are you are a drummer, and there’s no better way to explore this uncharted territory than with drum lessons from our amazing teachers!

When it comes to drumming, you really want to feel the beat. The beat is obviously the most important thing about drumming and it’s the backbone of any song. It’s very important to find the right beat and make it feel good within you. Music that is played by the heart will translate to others and reach their hearts as well!

Drummers also need to be relaxed! If you’re tense or nervous, it will come through in the music. The key is to relax, feel the rhythm, check in with yourself, and trust your gut instinct. Checking in with your body will relax all the muscles and yourself so that you can create the best music! Check in with every part of your body that comes in contact with the drums; your hands that hold the sticks, your feet that come in contact with the drum peddle, and whatnot. Become one with your drum set!

The key to feel the beat is to not overthink it. Just feel the rhythm in your legs and arms. Let it encompass you. A natural flow will make the music more natural, much like the stress and tension. You don’t want to carry that with you as you play the drums. Let the groove take you over! Have fun with it!

Another tip for feeling the beat is to do it with passion! You really want your soul to shine through the music! Passion is key to success and with ample amounts of it, you will inspire people to learn drums as well. Having passion will also inspire you to learn more techniques and it will open you up to all new kinds of talent that you didn’t know you had! Music is the best way to communicate with others and to really show them your true self!

Another way to feel the beat is to share it with others! Listen to the other musicians around you and experience the beat together! It helps no one if you play for yourself. Music is like a team sport, you gotta feed off other’s grooves and work together to create the perfect sound! If you play and just listen to yourself, you’re literally just playing for yourself and not letting others experience the same beat as you. It’s important to feel the beat together, it will create a much more relaxed and beautiful song!

It’s very uncommon for people to have a lack of rhythm, and if you feel like you are one of those people it may be because you just haven’t had a good introduction to it. It does take patience and passion, but when you apply yourself and give it your all, you can accomplish anything, especially the rhythm of the drums! You’ll never know until you try, you might just be the next Don Henley, Phil Collins, or Neal Peart!

At OSMD, we cater to all kinds of drummers. Whatever you want to accomplish as a drummer, we can find the perfect teacher to help you reach your goals. Plenty of people who are interested in drums of are all age ranges! It’s never too late or too early to start feeling the beat! Contact us today to set up lessons and we will begin your ultimate rhythm journey!


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