Drums: The Backbone for the Beats/Rhythm?

Do you have a love for music? Here at Omaha School of Music & Dance we have trained professionals who are eager and ready to teach you any music skill that matches the beat of your own personal drum. Let’s roll into some amazing benefits of playing the drums as well as some helpful information about this amazing set of instruments.

Drums can be heard in all types of music all around the world. From classical to pop, drums are key for any beat or rhythm. Here’s how we can help you become the best musician and drummer at Omaha School of Music & Dance.

Drums can make the song or music sound so much better, the benefits of learning to play the drums are endless – these benefits include:


Playing the drums can give you a sense of power as you hit the drum sets with your sticks. Owning the rhythm of the music can give you a confidence boost. In return, this feeling can give you the confidence you may be needing to face everyday challenges in music and in your personal life.

Knowledge is Power

By getting to know the drums and how to play them, your knowledge of music grows greatly. Not only do you increase your knowledge about the drums themselves, but also about all types of music and styles of drums.

Reduces Stress

As you are playing the drums and letting loose, you are building up healthy endorphins that give you the positive mental stability that everyone needs. Whether you are playing an upbeat rhythm or keeping the tempo for a larger group of musicians, you are able to put positive energy into something beautiful.

Here at OSMD, our trained professionals can help you reach any goal you have when it comes to playing the drums. If this is right up your alley, we’d love to welcome you to our music and dance family. For more information, reach out to us via any option that is listed below:
Give us a call at (402) 515-9639, visit us in person at 14505 California St. Omaha NE, 68154, or visit our website OSMD, to sign up for drum lessons today!

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