Calling All Disney Fans!

Does your kiddo love any and all things Disney? Do they have a lot of built-up energy from being stuck at home during these uncertain times that they just need to let out? There are so many things to do around Omaha, but if you’re looking for a safe & FUN activity to get your kids moving, then you will love our Disney Dance Camp!

What is Disney Dance Camp all about?

Our Disney Dance Camp is an all-day camp filled with singing and dancing from beloved Disney movies like Moana, Descendants, Avengers and every Disney princess in between! The kids learn super fun choreography, sing along to all of their favorite songs, participate in awesome games, arts and crafts and we even rent a bouncy house to play in!

When are the sessions & which should I sign up for?

There are two sessions of Disney Dance Camp that we offer. Kids between the ages of 3 and 6 can sign up for the camp that runs from July 6th-9th and kids between 7 and 12 have their camp from July 13th-16th. They will be from 8:30am-3:30pm and we will be providing them two snacks throughout the day, but ask that you send them with a sack lunch! All the kiddos who come to the camps will also receive a free camp t-shirt!

What about social health and distancing?

If you’re worried about social distancing and what precautions we are taking for our Disney Dance Camp here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, you have nothing to fear! We have taken all the proper measures & precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy, while also having an amazing time!

Where do I get signed up?

There are so many ways to get signed up for this super fun camp! You can:

Hope to see you soon!


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