Benefits of Putting Your Child in a Hip-Hop Class

Hip-hop dance has been on the rise for the last decade. Dancers from the streets have collided with classically trained dancers on popular shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and the result has been something magnificent. Hip-hop dance cannot be defined under one specific style because it continues to morph and grow from region to region.

When you put a child into a hip-hop class, you are permitting them freedom of self-expression and the ability to turn energy into creativity. Because hip-hop is focused on being silly and expressive, a child that may feel restricted by the demands of ballet may find hip-hop extremely enjoyable because of the freedom it allows. This class may be especially helpful to children who are shy and nervous because it promotes expression. Hip-hop is also extremely innovative, so a child could create a dance move in class that is added into a routine!

Hip-hop is a high energy and fast paced activity. Putting your child in a hip-hop class may allow him or her to burn off some energy in the evenings and become a healthy exercise routine!

If you have a little boy who is interested in taking dance classes, but is self-conscious, hip-hop is a great way to get them introduced to dance. Hip-hop may feel a tad more “manly” to boys and could serve as a stepping-stone for other dance classes. Boys will learn how to partner dance with girls, as well as possibly learning acrobatics and tumbling.

Like all dance classes, hip-hop is a great way for children to learn social skills and manners. This class will teach children to follow direction while still having fun. It will also enable them with communication skills through facial expressions and the ability to tell a story through dance. Hip-hop can improve performance presence in all different styles of dance and entertainment.

Hip-hop is culturally diverse, with dance styles coming from all over the world. Putting your child in a hip-hop class will allow them to learn about many different styles of hip-hop and where they were originated. It will allow them to learn about the different cultures hip-hop dance is derived from. This may open up horizons for your child to explore different parts of the world and learn more about hip-hop beyond the classroom later in life.

In conclusion, hip-hop is a culturally diverse and educational experience every child could benefit from. For out more information about hip-hop dance classes on our website, or give us a call to get signed up today!

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