Benefits of Playing the Violin

The violin is an instrument that can relieve tension and elevate the senses because it can create therapeutic music that has the power to speak to the soul. Have you ever thought about playing an orchestral instrument? If so, be prepared to find below benefits in several surprising ways!


Physical Benefits

  • Increased arm strength: You may find yourself tiring quickly after playing the violin when you first start out. This is completely normal. As your arm muscles and upper body become stronger, this problem soon dissipates. The result? Stronger arms without making a single trip to the gym. Sign us up!
  • Improved posture: Another one of the benefits of playing violin is that it requires you to sit up straight and tall. Before you know it, you’ll find your back and shoulders becoming stronger and able to support your upper body with better posture.


Mental Benefits


  • Expanded reading skills: A 2011 study at the Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University found a correlation between a child’s musical training and their word decoding skills, a fundamental part of learning to pronounce specific words. According to the study, this occurs because music lessons train the auditory abilities necessary for correct word pronunciation.
  • Sharpened memory: Your muscle memory will improve as you become more proficient at playing violin. It also gives you the opportunity to memorize songs and play without sheet music, which sharpens your memory even more.
  • Enhanced self-discipline: The only way you can expect to improve is by practicing. It’s not a task you can hand off to someone else. This knowledge makes you more dedicated to learning the violin, since it’s your responsibility alone. It’s also your job to tune, clean, and replace the strings on your violin so your instrument lasts for many years.


Social Benefits


  • Greater confidence: Playing in front of a group of people at a concert or recital is nerve-wracking. However, putting yourself out there and trying something outside your comfort zone can give you better self-confidence in other areas of your life, such as giving speeches in class.
  • Greater sense of community: Playing the violin automatically gives you something to talk about with others who also play the instrument or are simply musically inclined. You’ll feel part of something important, which can bring great fulfillment to your life.
  • Increased feelings of accomplishment: When you dedicate yourself to learning the violin, it can feel like an awesome accomplishment. You may realize you can do difficult things and achieve the goals you set for yourself. It’s OK to feel proud for doing well at a performance or triumphing over a particularly difficult piece. In fact, it’s this feeling of accomplishment that may help you stick with it!


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