Benefits of Learning Guitar!

There are many reasons why learning a musical instrument, especially guitar, is beneficial and totally fun for all ages! As kids are growing and developing skills, it’s super important for them to be challenged outside of school, but also have fun!

1. Discipline: Learning guitar can teach a child amazing discipline. Learning any instrument takes hard work and dedication. Incorporating this early on in life is invaluable to the child’s future success. In learning these life skills at a young age, they will grow while having so much fun discovering untapped talents! Knowing their dedication to the instrument will yield great results, and understanding that hard work is still fun is a treasured skill to learn young. The guitar is possible to teach by word, but best learned through first-hand experience and application.

2. Identity: Through studying and working hard at the guitar, a child can find themselves. There are numerous occasions of people seeking a calling, or purpose and finding it in music, even if they don’t necessarily use it for a career, but maybe as an outlet for the daily struggles we all face. Understanding who you are as an individual, and building that strength, is hugely important as they get older and go into middle school and high school. Many adults often look inside themselves for an identity that has been stripped away from superiors and circumstances. If a child is able to truly learn who they are early on, and hold firmly to that, they will be better equipped for their future in adulthood.

Lifelong Skills: Hard work, as previously mentioned, is a priceless skill to learn. Another skill is analyzing. Musicians are constantly analyzing their music. The ability to dissect something, and pick out all the pieces that make something as a whole incredible is extremely important in any field of work. In school, children analyze science and math problems and read novels where they have to decipher themes. The most important thing in a lesson is keeping focus. Children are easily distracted so having an activity that requires their attention for 30-45 minutes is incredibly challenging and beneficial.

As you can see, there are several benefits to children playing guitar. If you have a child that has an interest in learning an instrument, consider guitar! It’s very versatile – whether you want to play classical or a rock anthem. Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we have several guitar teachers who would love to teach these awesome skills to your kiddo!

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