Benefits of Ballet

There are so many different types of dance lessons you can take, from hip hop to jazz to tap and so many more. So, why take ballet? Not only are ballet lessons a great way to practice balance and coordination, but there are so many other amazing benefits that come with signing up for ballet classes!

Some of the physical benefits of ballet include:

  • Improved Flexibility 
    • One of the main focuses of ballet classes is flexibility. Kids in ballet do many stretches to warm up like butterfly stretches, pike stretches, and straddle stretches that all help with flexibility!
  • Improved Strength
    • When you first think of ballet you don’t usually think of strength, but it takes a lot of physical endurance to be a ballerina.

All of these physical benefits will help teach ballet students about maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle!

Some social benefits of ballet include:

  • Builds Self-Confidence
    • By taking ballet classes, students have to not only perform in front of their classmates and teachers but also perform in a recital. By starting ballet classes at a young age, students of ballet will quickly learn how to be confident in themselves and their abilities.
  • Builds Discipline
    • Ballet classes teach the students how to listen to another authority figure other than a parent or their teacher at school. It also builds discipline by having the student follow certain rules and expectations of a ballet class. Ballet classes also require practice outside of the ballet studio which builds discipline.
  • Creates Friendship
    • By taking ballet classes, kids are introduced to new people they have never met before and offered new friendships to blossom in and outside of the dance studio. These friendships can last for years and create great bonds and memories.
  • Offers New Opportunities
    • Taking ballet classes creates new opportunities for students all around Omaha.  If they stick to ballet, they can perform in different dances and shows all across the Omaha area. In theaters like the Orpheum and Rose, starting ballet at a young age can help create a lot of new opportunities!

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