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Interested in learning how to play one of the oldest known instruments? We have more than one opportunity for you here at Omaha School of Music and Dance! In this blog post, you will pick up on some key factors that will help inspire you to make your way to our school. You will hopefully have a better understanding of the benefits you’ll receive through playing piano as well as the variety of options we can provide to fit into your schedule.

Three Benefits of Playing Piano:

1. Improves Concentration and Focus

Focus and concentration are big factors in becoming a pianist. There are 88 keys on the normal piano and finding time to learn and memorize those keys will require complete and total commitment from you as the musician. Our professionally trained instructors will give you the curriculum you need that can be paired perfectly with your learning style. Spending quality time in the school with your instructor and practicing at home will help you nail down a large number of keys as well as any song you wish to learn.

2. Improves Hand-eye Coordination

While learning how to play the Piano, your instructor will give you important notes on how to work on posture, hand positions, and ways to ease through reading music while playing the correct notes. Learning how to correctly position your hands and head will strengthen your hand-eye coordination.

3. Creates Opportunities

Learning how to play the piano can open many doors for you. Some middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the Omaha area have pianos in their bands and orchestras and need people to play! There are also some local bands that play around the Metro and you can join or even start one yourself! These are just some of the opportunities that piano lessons can give.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, please give us a call at (402)-515-9639 or visit us in person- we are located right off of 144th and Dodge at 14505 California Street. You can also take a peek at our school’s website:
There you will also find group piano options!

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