Ballet: What is it?

Ballet is the foundation for many different styles of dance. In order to have strong dance knowledge, a performer should know the basics of ballet. It is much easier to grow in other styles of dance once you start. Here you learn basic body form, posture, and terminology. In order to work your way into those pointe shoes and a beautiful tutu, you start in flat ballet shoes!

7 Reasons Everyone Should Take Ballet

  1. Ballet helps give you better balance, coordination, and agility. Ballet incorporates complex footwork and jumping sequences. Because of this, ballet is a great way to increase balance, coordination, agility, and even your general fitness!
  2. Ballet helps increase your body awareness and body posture. Ballet classes encourage you to stand tall, which helps improve your length, strength, and posture. This helps build your muscles as well!
  3. Ballet helps improve your memory. Ballet requires you to think about many different things at once. Because it requires so much concentration, it has many cognitive benefits, including improving your memory.
  4. Ballet creates something beautiful. Everything about ballet is beautiful. The lines of the dancer, the music that is played, the artistry being created, and the footwork that is being done.
  5. Ballet also helps you increase your flexibility. A great portion is devoted to stretching. Naturally, flexibility will improve throughout your body.
  6. Ballet helps you challenge yourself. Ballerinas make everything look easy, but it is actually the hardest of the dance forms. However, don’t let this discourage you, because though it is difficult, it is not impossible. You will gain a sense of achievement after you master a new step!
  7. Ballet helps improve confidence. Ballet is set up to help you succeed. You get to try new things and achieve your goals.

OSMD Classes

Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer many different classes ages 3 and up. A great add on would be Tumbling. Tumbling is a great way to help a ballet dancer build strength in their legs and ankles and become more flexible! These skills are irreplaceable in ballet and while they grow these skills in tumbling class through exercise disguises as fun time! If Ballet sounds like something you are interested in, call us today and get registered. We also offer many different dance classes and music classes as well!

You can reach us at (402)515-9639, email us at [email protected], or Contact Us with any questions. We are located on the corner of 144th and Dodge! We look forward to hearing from you!

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