5 Tips for Parents of Dancers

Dance classes are a great alternative (or in addition) to sports. Dance increases your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. It can improve your child’s posture, muscle tone and coordination. Dance is a great performing art for your child to learn. Here are some tips for parents of dancers.

Proper Dance Attire:

  • Proper dance attire is crucial in the learning process for your dancer. Make sure they have the correct shoes and dance wear required for their class. This ensures they are ready to learn and comfortable during class.

Arrive On Time:

  • Arrive on time to class. The first part of class is used to stretch and warm-up. This ensures your child is stretched and their muscles are ready to dance. It is important just like with sports to warm-up.


  • Remind your child to work on stretches at home throughout the week. This will help with their flexibility and range of motion. This is an important process, so they have the flexibility to execute the technique correctly. If you need some ideas ask your child’s instructor. Example, have your child do the splits as far down as possible and hold it. Then switch legs and repeat.


  • Practice, practice, practice! Practice is the best way to learn or master dance technique or learn choreography. Encourage your child to practice. They can dance in front of a mirror, so they can see themselves. Otherwise they could record themselves to see any mistakes they make. If you are not able to have them dance in front of a mirror or record themselves don’t worry, practicing without these things is just fine. Let them enjoy their time practicing. Let them experiment by creating their own dances, etc. Make sure to stretch first! J


  • Compliments will help encourage them to continue dancing. You don’t have to critique or correct them. Allow their dance teacher to handle all of that. Let practicing at home be a positive environment with compliments and encouragement. Be there to support them. This will help build your child into a confident dancer.


  • Keep your dancer hydrated. Just like sports or any physical activity this is an important part of keeping your dancer healthy. Our studio has water fountains right outside of your child’s room for convenience, so it’s easily accessible.

Are you interested in enrolling your child in a dance class? We would love to apart of your child’s journey and nurturing their love for dance.


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