13 Interesting Facts About the Great Ballerina, Anna Pavlova

There are many great ballerinas in the history of the world, but one of the greatest and most influential was Anna Pavlova. Here are thirteen interesting facts about the life of this great dancer!

  1. Born on February 12, 1881 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anna Pavlova was a very famous Russian prima ballerina and choreographer; one of the most influential of her time.
  2. She was interested in dance from a very early age. She had a very active imagination and love of fantasy, which helped to draw her into the world of ballet. If your child, like Anna, has an active imagination, you should consider having them taking some ballet or dance lessons for a creative outlet in their lives.
  3. When Anna was 8 years old, she saw her first ballet performance and fell in love. She then vowed to become a dancer herself someday. Her mother was very supportive of her daughter’s dream and did all she could to help her achieve that dream.
  4. At age 10, she was accepted into the St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet School after passing the entry exam with flying colors.
  5. Her teachers agreed that one of the things that made Anna such a terrific dancer was that she knew would take more then just her talent to have a successful career. She had a tireless work ethic that was a must for the life she wanted to lead.
  6. At age 18, she graduated from the St. Petersburg school and started the transition to prima ballerina.
  7. Her career began on September 19, 1899 with her debut in the ballet La Fille Mal Gardee.
  8. A highlight from her career was being named a prima ballerina just 7 years after starting. The prima ballerina is the head dancer of a dance company. It is a very coveted position for all dancers!
  9. Many would say that her best performance came in the ballet The Dying Swan when she danced the leading role.   When in this role, she was able to convey to the audience the ballet’s message about the fragility and preciousness of life.
  10. Another highlight from her career was that she got to tour the world sharing her craft with others.
  11. Later in life she was able to form her own ballet company, which she enjoyed because she had the ability to have creative control over the performances and even choreographed her own roles.
  12. Anna died at the age of 50 of double pneumonia. On her deathbed, she asked to see her dying swan costume one last time.
  13. Anna’s legacy still lives on through dance schools, societies, and companies established in her honor, and in the future generations of dancers she inspired.


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