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Learn to Dance like a Pro for Your Special Day

Counting down the days until you’re summoned to the middle of the dance floor? Through creativity and collaboration we work with our clients to create the “right” first dance. Our “Not One Size Fits All Approach,” is what sets us apart from other schools. We really listen to our clients to achieve their goals. We can work with any song. Whether you want to impress your guests with a “Dancing with the Stars” routine or simply don’t want to look like a fool on the dance floor, we can help you achieve your goal in our one-on-one wedding dance lessons.

Our specialty is wedding dance, but we do so much more at the dance school! We teach people just like you how to dance. If you’re engaged to be married and would like some help with your wedding dance, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t settle for the middle school sway. Let us help you feel comfortable and look your best dancing at your wedding and beyond.

Private dance lesson can be scheduled throughout the week or Saturday.

Length of a Regular Lesson: It is typically 60 minutes long. The last 5 minutes will be used for scheduling. 2-hour lessons can also be scheduled to help you get the most out of your lesson.

How Many Hours Do We Need? How Often? It depends how good you want to become and how fast you learn. Similar to learning a sport or a new language, the more time you put into learning and practicing, the better you get. We recommend starting dance lessons 4-6 months before your wedding to make sure you have enough time to learn and perfect your dancing. If you’d like to learn a fully choreographed dance, start as soon as you can. Our couples generally do 1 to 3 hours of dancing a week. To help you retain information, at least one hour a week is recommended.

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