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Be a Part of a Select Few That Compete in Omaha and Around the Midwest

Each year our teachers invite students with talent, commitment, and good team spirit to participate in a variety of competitive dance classes. The students compete in festivals and competitions held around the Omaha area and Midwest.

Competitive teams are invitation only and are not held during every session. The competitive group of dancers will vary based on different age groups and dance styles for the sessions when this class is offered. This competition team will have dancers compete individually or as a group in various genres of dance. Younger dancers will not compete against other teams, but rather will be competing against their own previous scores from earlier competitions that they have attended.

The Omaha School of Music and Dance focuses their dance program mainly on recreational dancing and for fun. We do not emphasize our competition teams but focus our dance classes on learning and having fun more than we are interested in developing winning teams. All Omaha School of Music and Dance dancers will be able to participate in our year-end show every spring and may prepare a routine for local events or outings. Our performances are typically geared towards learning the skills necessary such as hard work and dedication to prepare a number for performances.

Students that are asked to perform at a competition will receive additional information at the time of their invitation and will be given the option as to whether or not they would like to participate and put in some extra hours of dance classes each week.

Competitive dance teams are not for every student, but many young dancers to enjoy the thrill of the competition and love being able to perform on a regular basis. For more information regarding specific competition teams or events, we encourage you to ask your child’s dance instructor or the front desk for additional information regarding these activities.

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