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We offer classes throughout the week during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. If you are interested in a dance class but do not see it listed below, contact us to see if it is an option as we are always adding new classes throughout the year!

Ages 3-4
Preschool Ballet/Tap ComboMonday10-11am
Preschool Ballet/Tap ComboMonday5-6pm
Preschool Jazz/Acro ComboThursday4:45-5:45pm
Preschool Ballet/Tap ComboSaturday10:45-11:45am
Ages 5-6
Kinder Hip Hop/Acro ComboMonday6-7pm
Kinder Ballet/Tap ComboWednesday5-6pm
Kinder Ballet/Tap ComboSaturday10:15-11:15am
Kinder Hip Hop Saturday11:30-12:00pm
**Add On to Ballet/Tap Combo for only $32!
Ages 7-9 (Level I)
Jazz/Tap I ComboTuesday5-6pm
Ballet IFriday5:15-6pm
Jazz/Tap I ComboFriday6-7pm
Acro IFriday6-6:30pm
Hip Hop IFriday6:30-7pm
**Combine Hip Hop & Acro for only $18 more!
Ballet ISaturday11:45-12:30pm
Hip Hop ISaturday12:30-1pm
**Combine Ballet & Hip Hop for only $22 more!
Ages 7-9 (Level II)
Ballet IIMonday4:30-5:15pm
**Add On Pre-Pointe I for only $32!
Hip Hop IIMonday6:15-6:45pm
Acro IIMonday6:45-7:30pm
**Combine Hip Hop & Acro for only $22 more!
Jazz/Tap IIWednesday4:45-5:45pm
Ages 10-13+ (Level III)
Hip Hop III/IVTuesday7-7:30pm
Acro IIITuesday7:30-8:15pm
**Combine Hip Hop & Acro for only $22 more!
Tap IIISaturday9:30-10am
Lyrical IIISaturday9:30-10am
Ballet IIISaturday10-10:45am
**Add Ballet to Tap or Lyrical for only $22 more!
Ages 10-13+ (Level IV)
Lyrical IVMonday7-7:30pm
Acro IVMonday7:30-8:15pm
Ballet IVMonday8:15-9pm
Jazz/Tap IVWednesday6-7pm
Hip Hop III/IVTuesday7-7:30pm
Pointe/Pre-Pointe (Invitation Only)
Pre-Pointe IMonday5:30-6:15pm
Pre-Pointe IIThursday6:15-7:15pm
Pointe IThursday5-6:15pm
Adult PointeThursday7:15-8pm
Adult Beginner
Hip HopTuesday8:15-9pm
Adult Advanced
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